Dossier soins des cheveux: Les soins recommandés pour vos cheveux

Written by wby0m

Our scalp is alive and the  beauty  of our hair depends on its condition. Hair can be oily, oily with a dry and irritated scalp, dry or normal. Whatever they are we must pamper them and they will return it to us with their  brilliance  and their vigor. We have taken stock of the lifestyle  and diet  that are essential to keep them healthy. Here are some tips that will save you a lot of inconvenience if you follow them carefully:


1/ Use shampoos adapted to your type of hair which do not contain any surfactant, avoid those which are too foaming, which strip the scalp and maintain a reactive secretion. Also, if you wash your hair too often, the sebaceous glands will secrete more and more sebum! Result: engorged follicles, choked taste buds and the hair dies as well as its potential replacements. There is no miracle product, opt for natural products (Shampoos containing clay are very effective). If you have severe hair problems (very irritated scalp with significant desquamation and abnormal and significant hair loss, it is best to seek advice from your doctor who will review the situation with you (stress, nutritional deficiency, fatigue, reactive eczema, allergy, digestive problems, psoriasis…). But if you have decided to change your lifestyle, there is a good chance that your problems will improve.


2/ It is very important to massage your  scalp  (dry or while shampooing). Fingers slightly crossed, hands arranged like a helmet on the skull, gently massage from right to left and from front to back (once a day if possible): this stimulates the blood vessels and your well-irrigated follicles will be in perfect health. ! Then vigorously brush your hair from root to tip with a boar bristle brush. Then rub yourself with sea water bought in pharmacies or organic shops.

3/ When you shampoo, always finish with a cold water rinse, it’s invigorating, it tightens the scales of the hair and they will be  easier to style .

4/ Avoid excessive heat by drying them, which attacks and electrifies them.

5/ If your  hair is dry  , beware of the wind and the sun, always rinse it with fresh water when you get out of a seawater bath.

6/ On very dry hair you can apply balms after shampoo but be careful they often tend to weigh it down.

These few common sense tips, I will end this file with a last chapter which I believe will be of interest to many of you… THE GOOD OLD NATURAL RECIPES!

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